Early-Stage Startup Reports & Investment

Unlock exclusive investment opportunities, curated dealflow, and expert analysis for every investment.

Startup Investment

Discover the best startups

Receive access to the most promising startup opportunities through industry insight and risk assessment.

High-quality dealflow

Our analysis process filters all startups that don’t meet the expectations for AngelHive.

Expert team of analysts

As an experienced VC team, we receive and screen all startups in-house.

Vast startup ecosystem

Our network allows us to bring you the best opportunities without sacrificing quality.

Why spend unnecessary time analysing every startup?

We understand the research side of VC can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Angelhive is the magnet that will bring the needle to you.

1000+ Startups screened yearly

By being within the market, not from the outside looking in, we have our fingers on the pulse and are devoted to bringing only the best to our community

In-Depth Analysis and Risk-Assessment

Our in-house VC qualification and assessment methodology is thorough and fair to guarantee quality as a bare minimum in everything we do.

Custom-made reports to help you make the best decisions

Every startup presented through our platform has been analysed by our analyst team in more than 10 categories and 100 data points.

Reduction in due diligence time
more investments
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Is there a startup you want to have analysed?

We take every startup application seriously! If you're a founder looking for funding or an Investor wanting to make due diligence easier, please apply through our website and see how we can help you.

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Designed to make your due diligence more efficient

Our reports dive into the most important areas of startup investment to help you make better and more informed decisions.

Leading by example

With our investment vehicle Max Ventures Seed One as the foundation of our platform, we lead the most promising rounds and fund the most promising startups.

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